A Helping Hand with the Probate Process

The loss of a much-loved relative is one of the most challenging and upsetting times we face in our lives.

Unfortunately, dealing with the estate of the deceased often contributes to the difficulties. And when real estate is involved, the stress can multiply, if things aren't handled properly and according to legal requirements.

At The Nicoli Group we've long recognized the vital role we can play in helping to reduce your workload and streamline processes and deal with the probate process professionally and to the very best advantage of all beneficiaries.

Given that there can often be so many parties involved in probate, from attorneys to conservators, administrators, accountants, trustees and, indeed, other real estate agents, we're able to bring our considerable knowledge and experience of probate code to the fore, as well as providing a central point of communication on your behalf, to not only make the entire process go much smoother but, crucially, to ensure that you have as little to worry about as possible at a time of great stress for you and your family.

In fact I often find that clients are surprised by the level of involvement we are able to offer and how much this helps them to cope better with an extremely tough situation.

It's often the case that interested parties, including executors, can be located at a great distance from the home that is the subject of probate, which means that we are in a great position to co-ordinate things at a local level.

Our experience enables us to often anticipate problems that can occur in probate. We will obviously perform all the usual roles you would expect of a top-producing real estate agent, but we are also able to provide a lot more than that, in terms of ensuring that all concerned parties are communicating with one another and that paperwork, including essential record-keeping, is handled effectively and efficiently.

Administration of real estate sales in these circumstances often requires an even more in-depth involvement for us than might normally be the case with a more typical home sale. The condition of the property may not be ideal for sale, which is entirely normal, because the owner who has sadly passed away almost invariably won’t have been in the process of preparing to list the home. In that situation we can bring in our established top team of cleaners, landscapers, painters and home stagers, and other professionals, as applicable.

There will often be personal effects that need to be correctly handled, allocated or disposed of - an extra service that provides our clients with even more comfort.

When it comes to the actual sale of the property, our goal is that same as it is for any client, in terms of delivering an extensive marketing and prospecting plan to get the home sold as quickly as possible for the very best return. Naturally, there are more formalized stages of the sales process in this situation, but it's one we're very used to dealing with, so from your point of view matters will generally go through as smoothly as with any other transaction.

As always, contact us if you have any specific questions related to probate matters or any other aspect of real estate.

Dominic Nicoli