Do You Really Know Your Realtor’s Track Record?

Intero's individual agent performance results for February were very recently announced and I'm delighted to report that, out of over 2500 agents:

- I made the Top 30 Producers category.

- I also ranked in the Top 30 Listing Agents Category.

- I also made the Top 30 Selling Agents Category.

- I ranked in the Top 5 Foundation Contributors Category.

I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my wonderful clients and staff for helping to make these achievements possible.

Reflecting on these accolades, I thought it would be a great idea to mention them in this week's blog, not least because I sometimes wonder how many sellers really research the track records of agents before appointing someone?

The simple truth is that, in real estate, every agent has a demonstrable track record, even if they've only been in the business one day.

It's therefore extremely straightforward to ask agents for some cast iron proof of how they've been performing, both currently and historically.

The results you arguably need to see most are those that relate to the agent's performance compared with the average agent in the area. To illustrate this, please study my own track record in this vital respect:

- Annual Sold Sales Volume - Nicoli Group - $57million; Average agent - $2.1million.

- Homes Sold - Nicoli Group - 39; Average agent- 3.

- Average Days on Market - Nicoli Group - 17; Average agent - 36.

- List vs. Sold % - Nicoli Group - 109%; Average agent - 103%.

- % of Listed Homes Sold - Nicoli Group - 80%; Average agent 68.9%.

These five categories - annual sold sales volume, homes sold, average days on market, list vs. sold percentage and percentage of listed homes sold - should always be requested as part of your agent interview and assessment process. Every agent has access to this data, so any reluctance to share it with you should be treated with the utmost suspicion.

What you are really looking for, of course, is exceptional performance and if the agent can add to already impressive basic figures with other, perhaps less immediately obvious, achievements, then so much the better.

In my own case, I make sure that my client presentations always make it clear that I am the Inaugural Member of the Intero Real Estate Services Hall of Fame - Intero's highest honor for Outstanding Achievement. Hall of Fame qualification equals total sales production in excess of $400 million since the inception of Intero in 2001. Currently there are only three members of the Hall of Fame out of over 2500 qualifying Intero Agents.

While it's great that agents might be promising you an extremely active marketing program for your home, you really need to make sure you're entrusting what is very likely one of the most important financial and emotional transactions of your life with the very best candidate who can amply demonstrate his/her actual capabilities and results.

And never forget to make sure you've seen plenty of glowing client testimonials too. Again this is something the agent should be bringing along to the interview.

We're always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about selecting the best realtor. Why not contact us today and arrange a full credentials presentation.

Dominic Nicoli