Exciting Times in Silicon Valley Are Great News fo

These are incredible times in Silicon Valley.

As we we all eagerly follow the progress of Apple's amazing Spaceship Campus, news now arrives of another major construction project in Cupertino, to be called The Hills at Vallco.

The proposed $3billion redevelopment of the Vallco Shopping Mall as a 30 acre elevated sky park, will see the production of the world's largest ever green roof.

Details of the project are simply amazing and read like something out of a science fiction novel. There will be an orchard, a vineyard and 3.8 miles of trails installed above Cupertino. Indeed, an engineering feat of this kind has never been attempted anywhere before.

Significantly, there will also be a 15 block mixed use street grid with 625,000 sq.ft of retail space, two million square feet of office space and 800 residential units.

It's yet another landmark project that, when complete, will bring unprecedented attention to this part of the world, creating a lot of new job opportunities and promoting it globally as a world-class place to live and work.

The knock-on effect of all this on local real estate is going to be profound, increasing demand for residential property and also making any current purchase of property a great investment, as these world-leading developments can only have an extremely positive effect on property prices, looking ahead.

Therefore, if you're planning to sell your home, this is a great time to find buyers, not just because market conditions are so favorable at the moment, but also because they will also be even more acutely aware of the tremendous investment potential of owning real estate in this area.

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Dominic Nicoli