How to Make Your Home Move Smoother and Easier

Let's face it, perhaps the least enjoyable aspect of moving into a new home is usually the actual move itself.

Clearly the best advice is to simply hire professional movers to handle everything for you. But that doesn't work for everyone, especially if the actual home purchase has stretched currently available finances, as can often be the case, particularly for first time buyers.

So, with the peak home selling months now beginning, I thought it might be a good idea to offer a few pointers that I hope will help to take a lot of the stress out of moving and actually make it an enjoyable experience, rather than something to be dreaded.

The most important thing, I believe, is to devise a well-structured plan for the move that addresses all the logistical issues you'll face. This process needs to get under way as soon as possible after you know where you'll be moving to. It's never sensible to leave everything to the last minute, of course.

One of the key aspects of the plan should be the creation of a written packing order that facilitates the most logical and efficient loading of boxes and items on your chosen method of transportation. This ensures that not only will your loading times be reduced, your unpacking will also be much more orderly in the new home.

Color coding of boxes, selecting a color to indicate each room, together with a written content description on the boxes themselves, means that your items can be precisely directed to their new destination. That should save a bunch of time and hassle.

Inevitably there are going to be some heavy items and the hire or purchase of a dolly is really essential to help lighten the load. Ratchet straps will help to keep items securely attached to the dolly and you might also consider using lifting straps and harnesses.

The saying "many hands make light work" might well have been created for a house move. Recruit as many able-bodied family members and friends as you can. It also makes a lot of sense to ask someone close to you to look after very young children and pets for the day. They aren't going to be able to help with the move and will be an important distraction and concern preventing you from fully concentrating on the task at hand.

Electrical wiring of items like video screens, audio and surround sound systems can be really difficult if the cabling is just tossed into a box for reassembly at the end of the move. You can quickly get things up and running again if you attach labels to each cable so that it's a relatively simple matter of finding the right socket location. Sealable bags are another great way of isolating different sets of labelled cables, as well as storing any screws or other fixings for items that have been disassembled for transit.

Fridges and freezers can leak water all over the place if they haven't been defrosted in advance of the move. It also makes huge sense to run down your frozen and refrigerated food supplies in the weeks leading up to moving day, as they can be very difficult to transport successfully, especially on longer journeys in the summer heat.

While insured, professional movers may not be a realistic option for the entire move, it sometimes makes sense to hire them to transport any extremely fragile valuables you may have, to be certain of avoiding damage in transit.

Another thing that sometimes gets overlooked is to do a really thorough job of changing your address before you move. It's highly likely that you won't forget about informing utilities and banks, of course, but try to think in advance of more minor things like magazine subscriptions, to avoid them being sent to your previous address.

No matter how well you plan, moving day is still likely to be tiring, so make sure you pack some healthy food and drinks to maintain your nutrition and hydration levels. A sports bag containing towels, toiletries plus any necessary medication, together with a change or two of clothes, will enable you to stay fresh and not have to hunt for these items. 

I do hope the above thoughts help you in your plans. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to real estate or for details of top local professionals who can assist you with your move.

Dominic Nicoli