Is Your Agent Proactively Engaged in Selling Your

We're always saddened when we meet with sellers who have been listing their home for some time without success.

While there can of course be a wide range of reasons for a specific home not being snapped up by the right buyer, by far the most common reason is a lack of effort by the seller's agent.

Unfortunately, with the average agent only selling less than a handful of homes per year, sellers who don't do their research carefully can so easily engage with someone who isn't putting in a planned and strenuous daily effort to get the property sold.

So why do so many agents achieve so little?

The sad truth is that there are too many agents who adopt an entirely reactive, or passive, approach to selling a home.

What this essentially means is that they will effectively take the listing, place it on the multiple listing service (MLS) and almost literally sit back and wait for other agents to do their work for them.

While the law of averages dictates that there will be some success some of the time, hence the figure of less than a handful of homes sold per year, this is most emphatically not the way to represent a client.

Sadly, the lack of effort only begins to dawn on inexperienced sellers as time passes and it becomes abundantly clear that other similar homes listed by other agents in the area are being sold while theirs resolutely remains on the market, with little or nothing in the way of interest and viewings.

That's when we get to learn of these issues, as frustrated sellers come to us following a very bad experience elsewhere.

It's common in these situations to learn that the underperforming agent was either an acquaintance, friend or relative of the seller and was given the listing without any hint of a properly conducted selection process.

As they become introduced to our ways of working, these sellers very quickly become aware of the difference between the passive agent they initially engaged and our very proactive philosophy.

In addition to all the important basic things that most other agents do, like listing the property on the MLS and the internet etc., we carry out a range of extremely active marketing activities. The Nicoli Group has a sales team that talks to between 150 and 200 people every single day. All are prospective buyers for our listings.

While most agents are waiting for someone else to buy the property for them, we are out there every day trying to find buyers for our listings. This is because we know that the more buyers we are able to bring, the more money you'll get, the faster your home will sell. It's also far more probable that your home sale will set a record price for your neighborhood.

Over a 10 year span, the average agent will have sold about 50 homes, assuming five sales a year (and that's probably being very generous). Compare that with my performance since I started almost 24 years ago. I've sold over 1200 homes. That means that, every year since 1994, I've matched a ten year average agent effort in just a year and negotiated 1200 contracts to get the seller the most money and have been through 1200 escrows and everything else that surrounds a successful sale.

With 2017 home sales already in full swing, don't let your agent delay your future plans. Call me any time on 650-947-4787 and I'll further demonstrate the profound differences between an active and a passive approach.

Dominic Nicoli