Is Your Home Ready for Sale in the Heat of Summer?

While it's great to be enjoying such amazing buyer sentiment at the height of summer, it doesn't mean that you should apply any less attention to detail when it comes to maximizing the return on the sale of your property.

Indeed, it would be fair to say that this time of year brings with it a range of unique opportunities to add value to your home. Even better, we're usually not talking about spending a great deal of money either.

The most obvious thing to get right in the warmest months of the year is your air conditioning.

Your viewers will be scrutinizing how comfortable the temperature is in the property and a less than efficient air con system is all too apparent in summer. It therefore makes a lot of sense to ensure that you are up to date with servicing and that everything is functioning as it should be. To avoid doing so could severely compromise your home's selling potential. Who wants to stay for long in an uncomfortably warm building when it’s so hot, much less live in it!

If you own a swimming pool, it's vital that it looks at its very best right now. Even if you haven't used the pool yourself for some time, it needs to be in a first class working state for potential buyers.

A pool is a fabulous selling tool at this time, but a poorly presented one can be equally counterproductive. But don't just leave the maintenance at poolside. Make sure that the environment around it is as attractive as possible.

While the standard tips of creating a great first impression and curb appeal as buyers drive up to the home almost go without saying, remember that the importance of good overall external appearance of your home gets amplified in the summer months, when viewers are likely to spend more time looking around outside. Therefore items like paintwork need extra attention. Landscaping with plants and flowers, plus well looked after lawns, can really swing things in your favor.

The real estate industry tends to emphasize correct presentation, or staging, of the interior of a home, but summer is a time when there is a superb opportunity to apply as much care outside.

Your garden furniture needs to be taken out of storage and arranged to its very best effect and other features like built-in barbecues need to be fully functional and immaculate.

Decks offer a wonderful staging opportunity and, if you have one, you need to make this area as inviting as possible, suggesting the great outdoor entertainment potential of the home.

Summer is also a time when subtle touches and gestures can say a great deal about your and the property.

Your viewers will inevitably be spending more time looking outdoors, so make this as comfortable as possible by providing some light refreshments, such as a pitcher of lemonade.

A hot and bothered potential buyer is never as ready to make a big decision as one who is cool, calm and collected, so make sure you have created the right environment for this. You’ll also make your guests feel so much more welcome too.

And how about this for a fun and novel extra idea - wireless outdoor speakers are pretty inexpensive these days and offer the chance, given a judicious and subtle music choice on your phone or other device, to create fabulous external ambience.

Clients here at The Nicoli Group get all this sort of advice as standard, plus as much assistance as they need with staging their property, both inside and out. Why not call us today and discuss how we can help you get the very best return at this or any other time of the year.

Dominic Nicoli