Is Your Home Ready for The Final Walk Through Insp

You've accepted a great offer and all looks set for the sale of your home, but it’s essential that the property should remain in the condition it was in when the purchase contract was signed.

Remember that there will be a final walk through inspection to check the integrity and condition of the property, usually undertaken by buyers and their agent.

While the formal home inspection commissioned by the buyer should already have taken care of major items, it's well worth considering the sort of things that will be looked at in the final inspection, because the last thing you want is any last minute snags.   

Here are the main things to carefully check before the walk through:

Repairs - Make sure that any agreed reparations are now completed.

Remaining fixtures - Be certain that all fixtures that are supposed to remain in the home are still intact.

Exterior condition - Establish that there have been no recent changes to the condition of the building exterior, especially if bad weather has struck since the formal inspection.

Ceilings, walls, floors - Because these will now be clear, it's just possible that one or two details that were not previously visible may need touching up etc.

Light switches/electrical outlets - Make sure everything electrical is functioning. Even a simple light bulb failure might encourage the buyer to assume that something is more seriously wrong.

Heating and air conditioning - Check the full functionality of both your heating and air conditioning systems, including hot water.

Appliances - Any appliances that will be left in the home must be functioning correctly. Garbage disposal and exhaust fans should also be tested.

Doors - Are they fully secure, do they fully close and do they squeak?

Windows - Double check that everything is working properly, including screens and storm windows.

Pipes - Look for any for any leaks or cracks around all visible piping.

Running water - Every faucet in the home must function correctly and you should also be sure that all toilets flush. Look for any leaks under sinks.

Debris/trash - The home should be properly cleaned prior to the walk through.

Garage doors - Do they all still open and shut correctly?

Plants - Unless agreed, resist the temptation to move plants and small trees/bushes to your new residence.

Pets - Pets will be oblivious to the fact that a move is imminent. Be sure they haven't left any little surprises anywhere.

Children - Again, it's worth checking that the kids haven't damaged anything in their rooms, or secretly written on walls etc.

Instruction manuals and operating codes - Nothing is more annoying than moving into a home and not having instructions for things like sprinkler systems and security alarms. Try to be sympathetic to this and be ready with the required information long before the last minute, as it often can take a little time to track down documentation. Better still, why not provide a folder containing everything for the buyer.

Vacant property - If no one has lived in the home for a while, or it has been rented, you need to be even more diligent.

The above checklist demonstrates that there is still a great need for vigilance as your sale reaches its conclusion. Serious problems at this stage are rare, of course, but no one wants any delays when their own next move may be imminent.

At The Nicoli Group we always anticipate these eventualities and even make regular visual inspections of listed properties to ensure that everything is meticulously maintained.

Call us today for a complete explanation of how we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your home is always ready for sale.

Dominic Nicoli