It's A Great Time To Sell Your Home - But Does You

A few weeks back, I mentioned that perhaps the greatest myth in real estate is that homes don't sell as the holidays approach. You can click here to read the full story, if you missed it.

Because this myth is so widespread, every year at this time we find ourselves having to reassure some clients that their hopes of selling their home are still very much alive and, in fact, given that some sellers withdraw from the marketplace irrespective of good advice to the contrary, there's going to be less competition to secure still very motivated buyers in most sectors, keen to lock in a still ultra-low mortgage rate. Your asking price is therefore going to be that much more robust too.

In my view, one of the key reasons why the essential untruth about fall and winter selling persists is that, believe it or not, many agents effectively endorse the myth by either not working as year-end approaches or, at best, putting in a minimum effort for some of the time.

Even now, so early in the fall, it's possible for the experienced eye to detect diminished effort by some agents in this marketplace. Perhaps they feel that they have earned enough in 2016 and can take it easy until the New Year. While that may, or may not, be good news for the agent, depending on one's perspective, it most certainly is potentially disastrous for their very unfortunate clients.

Apart from the still vibrant market we're seeing, mainly due to low mortgage rates - and we have no idea how long low interest will last - we also have the added dynamic at the moment of an election. This doesn't appear to be impacting at all on real estate this side of the voting, which is normal, but once the result is announced, irrespective of who wins, there will be a new administration sworn in during January, which may have some sort of impact on the current excellent market conditions.

The truth is that we won't know the impact of all this until it happens. However, if your agent is planning to scale back/drop his/her efforts in the coming weeks, it's very likely that you could find out the hard way, with property that remains unsold at the beginning of 2017...

Therefore the best advice I can give you at the moment is to actually ask your agent if the plan is to continue to work flat out for you for the remainder of this year. Please don't let the agent talk you into the hugely mistaken belief that it's not worth making the effort at a slower time of year.

Fall is actually a time when we see some of the most motivated buyers of the year. While summer inevitably attracts a few less committed buyers, kind of floating the idea of moving house, in general if someone's still looking for a new home at this time then they are very serious about it. There are also buyers who are very keen to make a quick purchase and move in before the holidays, so they can entertain in new surroundings.

With such a vibrant tech sector in our region, arguably the world's most active area in that industry, a new year inevitably means new jobs/promotion for some and absence from the market in the coming weeks, or a lack of selling effort by your agent, means you could miss that opportunity altogether. And we are talking about highly qualified buyers here!

Rather than take any chances, contact us today. We make the same all-out effort every single working day of the year, making between 150 and 200 calls per day, pro-actively prospecting for buyers, in addition to our comprehensive marketing plan, specifically tailored to sell your home.

This is too simply good a time of year to leave things to chance, if your agent doesn't share the same vision!

Dominic Nicoli