Looking Forward To a Great End of Summer Homes Mar

Many of you will already be well aware that it's almost time for school to start again. It's always a sure sign that summer will shortly be on its final few laps.

And even though a lot of buyers aim to move in before school returns, not everyone has kids of school age, of course, and the trend in recent years has been for the traditional peak real estate selling season to be less of a spike than it used to be.

We've consequently seen far more lively markets as the year gets older in recent times, not least because the continuance of low mortgage rates has done a lot to persuade buyers to lock in a low rate while they still can and not wait until next year.

And with rates having returned to close to historic low levels again in recent months, we're very likely all set for the same scenario to unfold in the coming months.

Some sellers who have, for whatever reason, been putting off their home sale so far this summer may mistakenly reason that they have missed the boat in 2017. But really nothing could be further from the truth and the reality is that, as the year wears on, we see a pool of highly enthusiastic and qualified buyers who easily rank among the most motivated in the whole 12 month real estate cycle.

Another key reason to not be tempted to wait until next year is that the shortage of available properties for sale across most market sectors means that buyers are also very aware that they cannot take time off from looking for that often hard to find a home that ticks all their boxes.

And with the economy doing so well and jobs news being so bright, there is every reason to expect already excellent buyer confidence to improve even further as we head towards the fall months.

To summarize all of the above, what I'm really saying is that there is no bad time to list a home and that market conditions are such that seasonal peaks are, to a great extent, irrelevant to the process.

We're also blessed with fine year round weather in this area, so we also aren't subject to the more pronounced peaks and troughs experienced in many parts of the nation that are prone to very bad conditions later in the year. In other words, what your friends and family might think about when to list in, say, Chicago just doesn't apply here.

It's truly a vibrant year round market here and putting off your house sale until the next peak season is a high risk strategy, as none of us really knows what shape the market will be in next summer, such are the many variables that influence demand.

My advice is to accept that listing right now means you haven't missed out and, with the way things are shaping up, conditions could easily be even more favorable than they have already been this year.

Why not contact us today for an informal chat about where the market is right now and how it relates to listing your own property. We devote the same full-on effort to selling homes at all times of the year, so you can be assured of our complete focus, irrespective of the outside temperature.

Dominic Nicoli