Making the Holiday Season Work in Your Favor

We trust you had a great Thanksgiving. Now that it's all over thoughts are quickly turning to Christmas.

Christmas decorations are suddenly everywhere and, if your home is currently listed, we hope you've already put your home in seasonal mode, as this can really work in your favor at this time of the year.

It's widely acknowledged that homes show at their very best at yuletide, thereby presenting an unrivaled staging opportunity in the annual home selling cycle.

In last week's blog I explained why this year, in particular, there are still so many active buyers searching for the right home or investment property. It's always a time for deadly serious and highly motivated buyers and also a period when emotions are to the fore and can play a more significant role in purchasing decisions.

Our strong advice is for you to take full advantage of these seasonal factors and ensure your home is at a visual peak in the build-up to Christmas.

Combined with the usual meticulous attention to detail with home staging, the addition of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and all the trimmings can make your interior sparkle and become even more welcoming than usual.

Externally, a judicious use of lighting and, perhaps, a holly wreath on the door can help to make a big impact when your viewers arrive.

With less hours of light at this time of year, and given that not everyone can view in the daytime, there's a great chance that seasonal lighting will work in your favor.

Never forget, though, that tasteful decoration is the order of the day. It’s not a good idea to go to extremes when selling, even if you normally enjoy doing so.

Every neighborhood has its shares of homes where the festive decorating style is a little OTT. Light shows accompanying loud music or an excess of seasonal inflatables in the front yard don't really set the right tone and, equally importantly, prevent viewers from envisioning what the property will look like after the decorations come down. As always, a careful balance needs to be struck.

The staging advantages of this time of the year are actually a further incentive to list your home right now. It's a one-off golden opportunity that will disappear for almost a whole year when the celebrations are over.

Call us today and find out more about how to maximize your festive staging.

Dominic Nicoli