More Thoughts On Obtaining a Current Home Valuatio

Last week I suggested that anyone who hasn't recently checked out the market value of their property in the past few years could be in for a nice surprise.

It was particularly pleasing to see that some of you quickly took advantage of using our own online home valuation tool (please click here to access it).

I also mentioned that there are unquestionably a number of home owners who put off ideas of moving in the recession and simply never revisited the idea. Clearly those folks are in for the most pleasant surprise, as we continue to experience rising prices in the area.

Even if you don't fit into this category, getting an up to date home valuation can be so useful.

It can be of tremendous assistance if you are even vaguely considering a change of residence. You can almost instantly obtain a ballpark estimate of your home's worth, which can give you tremendous insight into future possibilities.

Whether you want to upgrade or downsize, or even if you are considering borrowing against the value of the home for a whole variety of reasons, you'll be talking from a much stronger position if you have reliable knowledge of the current approximate market value.

Even if a move isn't in your sights, it's still both fun and helpful to know what's happening to your property's value. And who doesn't like to compare what their home might be worth against a similar one that has recently been listed or sold in the neighborhood.

The key point about a home valuation is that it helps to empower you to make a variety of life and financial decisions. If your perception of your home's value is inaccurate, or you simply don't know what it is, you could be severely limiting your options and choices.

A good example of this might be a couple approaching retirement with no kids at home and the mortgage paid off or just about to end. That huge five bedroom home they're living in could be a tremendously enabling asset that would allow them to comfortably downsize and invest the profits for even more enjoyable and secure golden years.

All that being said, please bear in mind that an online price is prone to inaccuracies and should only be seen as a general guide to what the home might be worth.

To obtain a truly accurate cost, why not contact us today. We can visit your home and take every feature and advantage into consideration and relate it all to our thorough and up to the minute knowledge of what's going on in this market and exactly where your property sits in it. We can also offer our in-depth experience of tweaks and alterations you can make to the home to optimize the asking price.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dominic Nicoli