No Home Sale in 2016 - Is It Your Agent's Fault?

As we head towards the final couple of remaining weeks in 2016, this will be time of intense soul searching for those who have not managed to sell their property this year.

Despite such a lively real estate market in 2016, some sellers will already be asking themselves the question "why is my home still for sale at year end?"

While there's never a cookie cutter answer to this question, because every sale has its own set of dynamics, previous experience suggests that one of the most common conclusions is that the appointed agent simply hasn't done his/her job.

We've talked before about the number of agents who aren't in the profession on a full time basis and have other calls on their time. And even many of those agents who do call real estate their only occupation simply fail to put in sufficient effort and make the right marketing and negotiating decisions on behalf of their clients.

If your home has been on the market for many months and interest has dried up, first we're sorry to learn of this. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, can we ask if you know exactly what your agent is doing right now to get people interested in the property?

It's a sad reflection on our profession that so many agents, satisfied with their 2016 earnings to date, will already be coasting towards the New Year with some vague notion of starting to work in earnest again at some point in January. It's also hugely disappointing that so many sellers aren't contacted frequently to review progress on the sale and for discussions as to how to improve the situation.

Homes sell throughout the year. Right now, for example, there's a busy market of people relocating for new jobs in the New Year. If your agent isn't pulling his/her weight right now, you'll be missing out on that opportunity altogether, to say nothing of those buyers who are eager to close before December 31st for taxation reasons. These are specific buyer categories we won't see again for another year...

My strong advice to you is to contact your agent today for a detailed review of activities and, even more crucially, to establish what is the immediate plan of action to put things right. And if you're told that there's no point in selling the home as the holidays approach, counter this with the fact that people often have more time on their hands to look at property in the coming weeks, plus the above two reasons on job relocation and tax motivations.

It very often surprises my clients when I tell them that the average agent in this country sells less than a handful of homes. I think the main reason for the surprise is that, before they list, many sellers assume that one agent is as good as another. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the case of the team here at The Nicoli Group, what separates us is our experience, active marketing approach and results.

Over the years I've negotiated 1200 contracts to get the seller most money, meaning that I've also gone through 1200 escrows and all the other stuff that arises in a home sale.

And while most agents are sitting back watching their computer waiting for someone to buy the property, we are out there every day deploying a sophisticated marketing plan and talking to between 150 and 200 people every single day who are prospective buyers for our listings.

Last year, for example, we put 6% more in the pockets of our clients than if they had listed their homes with an average agent!

In the final analysis, if you are unhappy with your agent's performance, why not make a positive change and talk to us now and contrast this with the efforts that have been made on your behalf to date. I think you'll be genuinely, and pleasantly, surprised by the difference.

Dominic Nicoli