Reflections On The First 100 Nicoli Group Blogs

Firstly, I would like to thank you for reading the blog and, above all, I hope the content has been useful to you.

While we mainly look ahead each week, reaching our first century seems to be a good time to look back.

Our primary goal with these articles has always been to enhance your knowledge level of a wide range of real estate matters, whether you're a home seller/home buyer or investor, or possibly even all three!

We've also carefully tracked market performance and this has almost invariably made for very good reading, as we've seen so many positive outcomes in the past couple of years, across most property sectors.

Looking back to our early blogs, it's interesting that the trends we were seeing back then are, to a great extent, the trends we're seeing now. Mortgage rates, in particular, were still more or less at the very low levels they're at right now and, like today, this is still a major motivational factor for buyers, effectively

acting as a key driver throughout almost the entire marketplace.

Inventory of available properties for sale continues to be a major issue and is definitely a more prominent issue than two years ago, leading to so many multiple offers, often above asking price.

Above all, though, is the rather pleasant reflection that we've always been able to be so upbeat about prospects and continue to be so.

We've also offered many tips and general advice on numerous aspects of selling, buying and investing and, just in case you missed any of them, below you'll find 10 of what I would consider to be among the most valuable, and timeless, articles.

Thanks once again for reading our blogs and we very much look forward to the next 100.

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Dominic Nicoli