Seven Tips To Help Sell Your Home Quickly for the

There are endless reasons why you might want your home sold as fast as possible. In your haste, however, you don't need to drop your price to do so.

The current real estate market is in fine shape and, naturally, greater demand makes holding your price a lot easier and there's also a very good chance you'll get multiple offers, quite possibly above the asking price.

This does not mean, however, that complacency should creep in.

Remember that you're still competing with sellers of similar homes in the area, who may not need or want to sell as fast as you do, so you need to make sure you're putting more effort into your sale, and partnering with the best realtor, to ensure that you can justifiably match or exceed other asking prices.

Here's a simple seven point plan to help you with this process: -

Price it right from the get-go - If your asking price is over the top for its condition, features and location, you are not starting the sale on the right foot and making pricing adjustments will inevitably delay the process. This doesn't mean you have to drop your price to sell quickly - we will know exactly where your home sits in terms of pricing to get the best possible return and can back up the suggested list price with plenty of recent evidence of actual selling prices of similar homes in your area. As a result, your home will be marketed at a level that's attractive to potential buyers, yet is also maximized to achieve the best possible return for you!

Obtain inspection reports up front - Shouldn't buyers inspect homes? That's the traditional process, certainly, but consider the huge advantages of paying for a professional inspection yourself before the house even goes onto the market. You will know what, if any, problems are likely to be revealed by a later inspection and you have a fantastic opportunity to get all remedial work completed ahead of the buyer's own investigations. If you want to sell quickly, you don't want to accept the right offer and then have to carry out extensive repairs and so forth, perhaps presenting an opportunity for your buyer to make a reduced offer. You can even boost the confidence of potential buyers by showing them paperwork that demonstrates that a very recent inspection has been carried out and that any resulting work has already been tackled.

Declutter now! - If your home is badly cluttered with lots of personal items and furniture etc., take immediate steps to spring clean it. Some buyers can see beyond clutter, while most cannot. Don't take that chance, especially if you're selling against the clock for any reason. Here's where hiring self-storage space comes into its own. You can essentially offload all your clutter into a storage unit and, hey presto, your home can look immensely more appealing in less than a weekend.

Get the home staged professionally - We are able to provide expert guidance on how to present your home to best advantage through our close partnerships with professional stagers. Aside from decluttering, however, there are other things you can do yourself to assist the process. For example, if a spare room doesn't have a purpose, try to give it one. If you don't have an office in the home and there's an unused bedroom, this is a very obvious, quick and inexpensive conversion that will tick an important box for many buyers.

Sweat the details - If there are time pressures on the sale, you are not going to be able to make wholesale decorative changes to the home. What is crucial, however, is that you focus on the details that will certainly be noticed by buyers. Pay special attention to the curb appeal of the home and make sure your front lawn is neat and tidy and the entrance to the home looks as nice as possible. Effective use of plants and flowers will help to create a warm welcome and a feel good factor as soon as the buyer arrives for the viewing. Inside the home, make sure all paintwork looks good, touching up as necessary and, if you have carpets, get them cleaned either professionally or use your own carpet cleaning equipment. If curtains are looking tired, they should be replaced with new ones - the same applies to any broken window blinds. Again, we can put you in touch with staging and decorating professionals who can take care of the lion's share of the work for you. Last minute details prior to a viewing are best handled by you, however. A good example of this is if you have pets. Ensure there are no signs of them prior to any viewing by vacuuming pet hairs, removing dishes and cat litter boxes etc. It’s also a great idea to get a friend or family member to baby-sit them on viewing days.

Be flexible on viewing times - Bear in mind that some buyers' schedules mean that they will not be able to view the home when it's most convenient for you. A fast sale can be compromised if your time scales are inflexible and the potential buyer struggles to fit in with your lifestyle pattern. Some flexibility here also gives a strong indication that you are someone the buyer can do business with.

Hire the right realtor - At The Nicoli Group, we often meet sellers who have suffered due to a lack of effort by previous realtors they engaged. If you don't hire the right realtor, the sale is likely to be a long, drawn out affair, quite possibly with compromises to your financial return. Selling your home with us means that you will benefit from our multi-faceted marketing success plan, aimed at helping you to prepare and showcase your home to accentuate its very best features, exposing it to the highest number of qualified buyers, vigorously negotiating the highest possible price and best terms for you and, crucially, keeping you updated and informed throughout the entire process.

Call us today to arrange a full presentation of our track record and winning strategies.

Dominic Nicoli