Spring Home Maintenance Tips

In case you'd forgotten, the clocks go forward by one hour at 2am on Sunday (12th). It's yet another signal that spring is all but here.

I therefore thought that now might be a really good time to remind you of some of the key things you need to be doing around the house at this time of year. If you're planning to sell your home in the coming weeks, these checks are arguably even more important, in terms of helping to present the property in the best possible fashion.

OK, here we go:

Air conditioning - Now is the ideal time to get your annual service done, before the really warm weather gets here and your air conditioning system is working overtime to keep you cool. It's also a good idea to clear any vegetation that has gathered around your ac compressor. And have you changed your HVAC filters recently? These need more than annual attention, of course, but it seems like a great opportunity to remind you right now.

Lawn sprinkler systems - Again, this is an ideal time to make sure lawn irrigation systems are working as they should be. Make sure the controller is correctly set to avoid wasting water. 

Clean gutters - Ensure you have efficient water flow in your gutters and downpipes, by making sure they are clear of leaves and other debris.

Inspect your roof - Even a pair of binoculars is usually enough to inspect for any major roof damage that's occurred over the winter. It's also a very opportune time to ensure any overhanging tree branches aren't too close to your roof. They should at least be between five and seven feet from the house to ensure that moisture and critters, such as squirrels, can't get in. They can also damage paintwork too! Talking of which...

Paint repairs - It's especially important to check the condition of paint on wood for any winter damage and to touch-up as needed. Pressure washing can help to reveal weakened areas.

Check the deck - Make sure your deck hasn't deteriorated since you last used it. Deck components age and it's important to know that yours will sustain the additional load during those spring and summer outdoor get-togethers.

Check window and door seals - An airtight home is a less expensive one when the air conditioning is working hard in the warmest months. Checking and repairing seals as necessary is a great way to prevent expensive air leakage at any time of year.

Clean/replace screens - These can get damaged in winter and they also deteriorate over time. Make sure they're in tip-top condition so you can open windows when there's a nice breeze.

Prepare your lawn mower - If you're a DIY gardener, a good, thorough check of all your mechanical equipment now will ensure that it is working at peak performance when you'll need it the most.

I hope that the above advice helps you to get ready for the warmer days to come. If you'd like to get a professional to handle any or all aspects of home maintenance, feel free to contact us as we have details of the top vendors in the area that we'll be happy to share with you.

Dominic Nicoli