The Critical Importance of Photography in The Home

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a very well-worn phrase, of course, but it remains one of the truest statements in real estate.

In fact, high quality professional photography is absolutely crucial to the home selling process.

In tandem with professional staging, we place huge importance and emphasis on this key element of home presentation, not least because of the essential truth of another popular saying - "you never get a second chance to make a first impression".

Potential buyers will almost invariably make a careful initial study of the images that accompany your online listing. Too many listings out there don't do the homes they represent any justice at all, with dull, out of focus and poorly composed images.

Incredibly, you will commonly see these shortcomings in listings of high end luxury homes. This failure to initially impress is totally counterproductive and can only result in fewer viewings, potentially reducing your chances of maximizing the financial outcome and speed of the sale.

A photographic portfolio of any home needs to tell the story of that property - how well are the rooms appointed, what are the key visual features of the home and, above all, leaving the overwhelming impression in the viewer's mind that this home has to be on the potential buyer’s "let's visit" shortlist.

We invite you to take a close look at any of our featured listings on this website and judge the quality of how we present a home for yourself, only using the finest professional photography, taken by our highly respected business partner Matthew Anello. Matt's technique is sharp, artistic and beautiful. His spectacular eye for detail creates that vital story we mentioned for each of our listed properties.

We're extremely confident that you will agree with us when we say that we leave nothing to chance and ensure each property is presented in an optimized fashion. It is a cornerstone of our marketing strategy and a vital component in our proven ability to sell homes with multiple offers above their asking price.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of how your home is being listed, talk to us today about how our total approach to aesthetics can make all the difference in your sale.

Dominic Nicoli