The Importance of Staging Your Home for the Maximu

It's been really great to see how well the first quarter of 2017 has gone for real estate in our area and the even better news is that this trend seems set to continue, helped recently by falling mortgage rates.

In most sectors of the market, it's just a great time to sell.

I do, however, think that it's a good time to remind ourselves that just because the market is so buoyant that we can somehow take our collective feet off the gas, in terms of the effort that's required to maximize the return on a property.

Sure, it's true that low inventory of available homes for sale does, of itself, lead to buyers offering more than they might otherwise do and to sometimes compromising on their precise requirements for their next residence.

But it's equally fair to say that sellers still have to compete for those buyers and need to ensure that their home is correctly presented, or staged, so that every aspect of the home looks as good as it can be and, crucially, compares favorably with other similar properties.

There's even an argument that in times of low inventory, great staging can be even more important.  As I mentioned earlier, buyers sometimes have to make compromises on the features of their next home, simply due to poor availability. On occasions, searching in vain for the right place can get so frustrating that buyers actually withdraw from the market. In fact, it's probably fair to say that better availability of homes would have made the impressive sales figures so far in 2017 look even better!

A very well presented home can therefore sway buyers who haven't been able to tick all the boxes on their wants list. Great staging is perhaps the ultimate technique for making buyers fall in love with your home, even if it's not exactly what they had in mind.  

Our goal at The Nicoli Group is to optimally price the home in such a way as to attract interest and then maximize the return through the achievement of multiple offers. This happens much easier with the best presented properties, which is why we place such a big focus on staging.

I always emphasize to sellers that how we live in a home and how it should be presented for sale are usually very different.

Prospective buyers need to be able to see how the home lives. To create this environment, most homes need to be de-cluttered, cleaned, and staged. Some homes need to be refreshed with paint, new carpeting, and refinished floors, while others benefit from more major updates.

It’s all about Return on Investment. If a prospective seller invests in preparing their home properly it can mean huge increases in the value and a huge difference in both returns and selling speed.

We’ve been through the process many, many times and can guide you through the most beneficial areas to invest in and how these changes can impact your home sale.

Why not contact us today. We'll be delighted to provide you with free advice on every aspect of staging your home.

Dominic Nicoli