The Power of Staging

How we live in a home and how it should be presented for sale are usually very different.

Prospective buyers need to be able to see how the home functions. To create this environment, most homes need to be de-cluttered, cleaned and professionally staged.

Some homes need to have the paint, carpet and flooring refreshed, while others may require more major updates.

It's also reckoned that only a tenth of prospective buyers can visualize a home looking different to how it appears during a viewing tour. This immediately suggests that most buyers need to see the potential of the home right in front of their eyes and this is where professional stagers can make all the difference in the world, with an experienced and trained eye for optimizing visual impact throughout the home.

Consider, too, that as 92% of people use the internet during their home search, the condition of the home needs to shine through to attract them to view. Here's where we go the extra mile, enhancing beautifully staged homes by only using exceptional professional photographers with a specialty in real estate. It's all part of those all-important first impressions - fail to grab the attention of the buyer online and you may not even get on the viewing shortlist. The impact of staging therefore begins long before anyone arrives to look at your home.

Time and again, experience tells us that, if a prospective seller invests in preparing their home properly, it can mean a huge difference in both returns and selling speed.

With my help I can guide you through this critical process and explain the impact it can have on the sale of your home. Please contact me today for an informal discussion.

Dominic Nicoli