Thoughts on Planning Your 2017 Home Sale

Well here we all are in 2017, so can I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, healthy and successful New Year.

As this is a traditional time for formulating plans, you may already be contemplating, or even planning, a home sale in the next few months.

If that sounds like you, I'd like to reach out with a few suggestions to avoid a problem I see all too often - that of sellers not preparing their home for the sale until the moment they want to list.

Very few homes are faultless, requiring no attention whatsoever prior to sale. Most sellers need to evaluate what needs to be done to optimize the home well in advance of the sale.

The very first thing I'd suggest is going right through the home, perhaps role playing that you are the buyer. Ask yourself if you would buy the home in its present condition and bring along a notepad, or your mobile device, and jot down all the faults you find. Chances are you'll end up with a very useful list of things that need adjusting, repair, or some level of redecoration. It's said that buyers assume there will be another 10 hidden problems for every one they find themselves, so take care not to give them any reason for doubt.

If your rooms are cluttered, it's never too early to begin a process of trimming them so that your eventual home viewers can see the potential of the home, rather than having to imagine it through an untidy filter of your stuff and things like family pictures etc., which can prevent many from imagining themselves living in these surroundings. This should also extend to the curb appeal of the home. If you don't like the idea of maintaining lawns etc., now's a great time to hire a professional who can take care of it all for you.

It's also vital that essentials like your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are well maintained, so get them serviced, as well as ensuring everything else in and around the house is functioning as it should, right down to individual light bulbs. Many buyers will be forensic enough to spot anything basic that's not working.

While most people would consider a home inspection to be something that follows the acceptance of an offer, more sellers are now arranging for one prior to sale. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense, because it will identify any major faults you've somehow missed, or simply don't have the experience to spot, so that it can be dealt with in good time before the home starts showing. Any nasty surprises in a buyer's inspection can potentially lead to a reduced offer, a request for you to put the problems right before the sale proceeds or, worst case scenario, the whole deal falls through...

The above are all practical things you can do to make the eventual sale go smoother. I'd also encourage you to be crystal clear about what your own home making plans will be after the sale and to begin looking for your next property in good time, so there won't be any conflicts if, as can often occur, the sale goes through very quickly and the buyers want to close fast.

Please don't think that it's ever too early to begin the process of evaluating and appointing your agent. At the Nicoli Group we absolutely welcome being involved at the earliest stages of your plans, so that we can help you to maximize the sale in as smooth a manner as possible. We have excellent connections with local specialists in every field, who can help you to make a totally seamless transition to full listing preparedness. Why not contact us today. We'd love to learn of your real estate plans for 2017 and to discuss the best way of making them a reality.

Dominic Nicoli