Video Blog: How to Maximize the Value of Your Home

Welcome to our latest video blog.

Today we're going to talk about how you maximize the value of your home when you sell it.

The most important thing I am looking for when I'm helping you to get your home ready for selling is what needs to be done to get you the most money for the house.

I'd like to share three very important aspects of this with you today.

1. Getting the Home Prepared for Sale
Buying a home is an incredibly emotional decision. Most buyers will look at 15, 20, perhaps even 30 or 40 houses before they make a decision. When they come to your home, it has to be looking at its very best. We'll help you succeed in this process by assessing what is needed to be done to make the home stand tall. Perhaps it needs painting, new carpet, refinished floors, professional staging or landscaping, for example. Whatever you need we work with great people that are very cost effective. All the things we recommend will return $3/$4 for every $1 spent, so there's a very high return on the investment that helps you sell the home faster for more money. Sometimes nothing needs to be done and the home can be sold as is. If the property is going to be torn down, for instance, there's no point in putting a lot of money into it.

2. Pricing
The goal at the end of the deal is always to get you the most money. What sellers sometimes don't understand is that the list price can actually negatively affect how much the home sells for if it is overpriced. Buyers won't view an overpriced home and, as the home stays unsold while other similar homes sell quickly, they will start to wonder if there's something wrong with it. We will look at all the similar homes competing with you and price your home just beneath them, so that when buyers view they will want to make an offer as your home is the best value they have seen. The aim is to attract multiple bids on your home, so we can negotiate the price up.

3. Marketing
It's really important that your home is aggressively marketed. There are two main ways to market a property. The first is passive marketing where the property is put on the local multiple listing service (MLS) with great photography/videos and anything that can be done to showcase the home online. It's really important that these things are done, but where most agents fall short, and where we have a huge advantage, is active marketing. My sales group and I talk to between 150 and 200 prospective buyers every single day. As we talk with people, we are promoting your property and making appointments to show it. It isn't rocket science - the more buyers we are able to generate the more money you are likely to get. We combine the passive approach with the active approach, which very few other agents do, to supercharge the marketing plan for your home. Over the course of 2015, for example, we beat the MLS average selling price by 6% and in about half the time it usually takes to sell a home!

If you are looking to sell your home, call me now on 650 947 4787 and I will come to see you and evaluate the best plan to get you the most money and on to your next destination as quickly as possible.

Dominic Nicoli