What Are Your Agent’s Plans for the Rest of This Y

Well here we are in November already. Halloween’s been and gone (hope you had a great one!) and all of a sudden the holidays are beginning to enter our thoughts.

In a couple of recent blogs, I’ve been concentrating on why this is such a great time of year to be selling your home. Rather than repeat all the reasons again, why not click here and here to find out much more.

With such a great fall and winter market in prospect, you’d naturally think that all agents would be very much ready for a busy end to the year.

It might therefore surprise you to learn that not all agents will be taking an active part in this busy and actually quite lucrative period.

The facts are that some agents will have decided they’ve earned enough in 2017 and will essentially be putting their feet up and taking it easy until the New Year gets underway.

Not all agents work at real estate full time and therefore they have their own perspective on how they allocate their time and what they want to achieve.

The big problem is that if you have an agent that’s either about to go on vacation, or greatly reduce working hours, that’s not going to help to get your home sold.

While we might be seeing great selling conditions across most of the market, that doesn’t mean to say that agents can take their feet off the gas in terms of the still demanding efforts that are involved in doing the very best job for their clients.

In the majority of today’s market, just getting a home sold isn’t really the goal. It’s about maximizing the incredible opportunities out there that have led to some pretty wild offers over asking price in the area. That takes a lot of work!

A lack of effort by your agent in the coming weeks can result in a reduced number of offers or, worst case scenario, no offers at all. This of course has the knock-on effect of reducing your potential returns, as fewer offers may well mean a sold price that falls short of what is possible these days. And, as we saw a little while ago with the Sunnyvale home that sold for almost $800,000 over list, there’s some serious money to be made with the right home in the right location.

As hard as it might be to believe that some agents aren’t willing to be part of this potential bonanza for a while, some sellers may already be noticing a lack of communication and a noticeable drop in viewings.

My strong advice is not to accept the totally incorrect argument that homes won’t be selling before the New Year, as right now sees some of the most motivated and time conscious buyers in the annual cycle.

It’s much more sensible, I think, to adopt a pro-active approach and reach out to your agent to see what his/her plans are until the end of the year.

What you should be hearing, and seeing ample evidence of, is that the same strenuous efforts are going to be made on your behalf. Here at The Nicoli Group, we treat this period with identical levels of seriousness and dedication as at any other time in the calendar.

And because a lot of buyers will be looking for a quick sale at this time, maybe with a view to being settled in for the holidays, you need an agent who is going to work fast to make things happen.

Better yet, why not get in touch with us today and learn more about the proven marketing strategies we deploy all year round.

Dominic Nicoli