Why Are Open Houses Important?

If you follow our Facebook page (if you don't please click here), you'll probably have noticed that we very regularly hold open houses for many of our listings.

I therefore thought that, for this week's blog, it might be a good idea to explain to you why we think this can be a very important marketing tool for your home.

The key word with open houses is informality.

Because they are operated in a very cordial, open manner, not focused on any individual buyer, they offer a much greater chance of attracting a large volume of viewers to your home.

Unless they are deadly serious about purchasing imminently, some buyers can be reluctant to be the subject of a solo viewing, as it were, perhaps feeling that their general interest may be misinterpreted as very serious interest. On the other hand, your home may tick all their boxes on casual open house viewing and suddenly they've become determined and motivated inquirers, with a heightened sense of urgency.

Sometimes people just want to get a general feel for houses in the area and the open house format provides them with a great way of doing so in a totally informal environment.

Of course the other undeniable truth about opening your home for all to see is that neighbors often find it irresistible to look around someone else's home, out of curiosity, even though they have absolutely no thoughts of moving.

Don't think that's a bad thing, however. Remember that your neighbors may have friends and relatives for whom the home is a perfect fit! When you think about it, an open house is probably the only surefire way to get recommendations from those neighbors who would otherwise never set foot in your home.

The important thing is to get a good and steady flow of people through the home in the allocated time period (generally around 3 hours), thanks to substantial pre-event promotion. There's always the option of a more detailed individual viewing later on.

And if you're looking for a quick sale (who isn't!), the open house is just about the best way of fast tracking foot traffic through your home. It also encourages early offers, because people will see others viewing the home of their dreams and feel a greater need to secure it for themselves before it's too late.

As with any type of home viewing, presentation of the property is paramount and we work with you to ensure the home is perfectly staged for the event - dressed to impress describes it well.

If your home isn't attracting viewers and has been on the market for some time, why not contact us today and find out about our comprehensive and proven marketing success plan, including the option to hold an open house for you.

Dominic Nicoli