Your Home Looks Amazing Right Now But Are You Stil

I'm sure you're feeling exactly that same as I am that the year is fast disappearing. Why does it always seem like the time accelerator pedal is being pressed to the floor after Thanksgiving!

As rapidly as 2017 is approaching its conclusion, however, we're still seeing incredibly busy activity from buyers in the area.

This is not surprising, of course, given that San Jose - Sunnyvale - Santa Clara is currently the nation's hottest real estate area as I wrote in last week's blog.

Nonetheless, even though we have buyers desperate to find a home that completely meets their needs, due to very short supply, that situation is going to be temporarily even worse, as some sellers inevitably take their homes off the market for the holidays.

There are a wide range of reasons why this is a bad idea and, rather than list them all again, why not click here to read my recent blog that explored them all.

In addition to those important factors, however, is one of the most supreme ironies we get to see in the entire 12 month real estate cycle.

Right now, your home is probably looking fabulous with tasteful holiday lights and decorations and all the warmth of the season.

And while you're feeling rightly proud of how everything looks right now, if you've already stopped listing for a while, what a shame that potential buyers won't ever get the chance to see the property at what is arguably its most appealing.

Never overlook that fact that buyers, like all of us, are in a generally more emotional state of mind at holiday time. This means they're more likely to make purchasing decisions and your tasteful holiday decorations can only help to build the appeal of your home in their minds.

Not listing at the end of the year really does have the potential to be a huge missed opportunity.

You might argue that with demand so high you could just as well go back on the market in January. While there's no reason to expect things to be very different next month, your home will be returning to market simultaneous with all the other sellers who wrongly decided to take a break.

It therefore follows that those sellers wise enough to keep listing in December may get even better returns through even lower temporary supply levels, consequently reduced competition and, especially relevant in our IT industry-led area, buyers desperate to move in before their new jobs start in early 2018.

It's super-easy to arrange for times when you don't want viewers during the holiday and, while this is never ideal, people will generally work around those restrictions and it’s a whole lot better than effectively being "closed for business" for a few weeks.

I hope you will be able to see that we're currently in a unique, and potentially even more lucrative, phase right now, so please don't hesitate to contact us today and we can discuss a strategy that works for you over the next few weeks.

Dominic Nicoli